Wiggins ZZ9A1 Fuel Nozzle

Wiggins ZZ9A1 Fuel Nozzle

ZZ9A1 Diesel Fuel Nozzle


Wiggins ZZ9A1 diesel nozzles are for all diesel powered equipment including vehicles, pumps, lights and generators. Wiggins nozzles are an industry standard since 1967.


• Industry-standard diesel refueling nozzle

• 150 gpm (570 lpm) maximum flow rate

• Automatic shutoff; works with pressurizing and non-pressurizing systems

• 1.5" NPT female inlet thread

• Durable, dependable Elast-O-Dog latching

• Field-replaceable components

Min Flow Rate 25 gpm (95 lpm)

Max Flow Rate 150 gpm ( 570 lpm)

Operating Pressure 75 psi (520 kPa)

Weight 5.64 lbs ( 2.56 kg)

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