Lincoln PowerMaster® II Pump

Lincoln PowerMaster® II Pump

PowerMaster® II High Volume Grease Pump

Lincoln’s PowerMaster® II is built strong to give you years of dependable trouble-free operation.PowerMaster® II Pump

System description:

Lincoln’s PowerMaster® II is built strong to give you years of dependable trouble-free operation. Its sturdy construction, with the plunger and brushing of hardened steel, offers greater wear resistance. The PowerMaster II surpasses just dependability with a simplified modular design that allows for easier disassembly


  • Gives years of dependable trouble-free operation.
  • Costs much less to operate—costs much less to maintain.
  • High-volume output—air motor has extra-long stroke for powerful, uniform delivery on both up and down strokes.
  • Shovel-type pump tube used to add mechanical priming to normal suction when needed.
  • Sturdy construction—plunger and bushing of hardened steel for longer life, greater wear resistance.
  • Pump outlet body of all-steel construction designed to withstand pulsation extreme pressure. All wearing parts are tough, heat-treated steel.
  • Plunger, bushing and air valve mating parts are micro-lapped to close tolerances. Prevents by-passing of lubricant and bleeding of air. Eliminates need to replace washers and packings.
  • Trouble-free, positive performance. Air motor operation has no springs to out, rust or lose tension. Air valve is stall-proof, leak-proof and pre-lubricated. Double-acting mechanisms ensure dependable low-surge operation with minimum air consumption.
  • Large air passages allow unrestricted venting.
  • Simplified maintenance. Modular design of pump tube allows for easy disassembly.


High-Pressure, Stationary, Heavy-Duty PowerMaster® II Pumps

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