Fast Fill PitBoss Fueling Nozzle

Fast Fill PitBoss Fueling Nozzle

PitBoss diesel fuel nozzle is perfect for a durable and forgiving diesel fueling solution

The PitBoss (N150PB) has a powder coat finish for better grip and a durable all-metal construction with fewer internal components to prevent failures. The Elastodog latching mechanism improves latching under harsh conditions and the piston-driven shutoff engagement improves longevity. Plugs are available and strongly recommended to greatly increase the life of the nozzle.

  • Most forgiving latching mechanism in dirty conditions
  • Economical diesel fueling solution
  • Piston-driven engagement
  • All metal housing with non-slip powder-coated finish
  • Available in all steel construction and brine resistant
  • Compatable with Wiggins systems which is an industry standard

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