Cim-Tek Multi-Fuel Filters

Cim-Tek Multi-Fuel Filters

Multi-Fuel Fuel Monitors used for both Gas and Ethanol

How they work

Cim-Tek's full line of Made in the USA Multi-Fuel monitors can be used with both straight gasoline and ethanol-blended fuel up to 15%.  They remove particulates like dirt, dust, and rust from fuel while detecting water in straight gasoline AND detecting phase separation in ethanol blends up to E15.  Phase separation can occur in ethanol-blended fuel when even small amounts of water come in contact with the fuel.  When water in straight gasoline or phase separation in ethanol blends is detected, the filter will go into slow flow, indicating a serious issue.  The use of our Multi-Fuel filters can help prevent costly damage to vehicle engines by signaling, by way of slow flow, the operator should take action to remedy the problem.

What They Are Made Of

Our Multi-Fuel filters utilize state-of-the-art microglass media.  Microglass is a high performance filter media with a high void area for finer filtration.

Applications & Design Features

  • Designed for fuel dispensers & commercial fueling pumps
  • Up to 25 gallons per minute
  • 50 psi (lbs per square inch) maximum working pressure
  • Convenient spin-on design
  • Pre-lubed gasket included
  • UL® Recognized