Beginning as a regional specialist in liquid and air filtration products and lubrication equipment, then expanding with hose and fittings service, dry-break fast diesel fueling systems and portable filtered high-speed fueling modules for the heavy construction industry, we have always looked for innovative applications for our customers. That has led to our becoming one of the leading Lubrication Method Specialists in the Western United States with over 100 years of combined experience in this field.

Our custom designed Lube Service Trucks and Trailers can be found in Australia, Southeast Asia, Hawaii, and throughout the Western United States. As an Authorized Lincoln Systems House, we supply computer controlled centralized lubrication systems for a wide array of applications from tomato processing plants to rock crushers; from over-the-road trucks and trailers to hydro dam control gates; from excavators and front-end loaders to tortilla ovens, and from production lines to thrill rides. We can apply precise miniscule amounts of lubricant to high-speed chains and open gears and can pump and apply such other products as inks, adhesives, mastics and sealants.

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