Graco  Meters

Graco Meters

Graco has a wide range of meters from light to heavy duty

LD Series Meters

Graco's LD series meters are idea for metered oil and sispeense for lighter duty applications, including small maintenance shops, tire-muffler shops, fast-lubes, independent repair facilities and lower volume in-plant applications.  

  • Designed for indoor use, with standard flow rates of 5 gpm (18.9 lpm)
  • Manual and preset meters with a number of optional accessories to choose from
  • Easy to read LCD display with durable switches for long life
  • Two-finger trigger; LDP5 models feature a latching trigger to reduce operator fatigue
  • Rugged meter body for superior impact resistance and long life
  • Ergonomically-designed handle for operator comfort

SD Series Electronic Meters

Graco's SD series meters are ideal for metered oil and dispense for standard and heavy-duty applications, including car/truck dealerships, fleets, mining, off-road, public works garages, construction and higher volume in-plant applications.

  • Rugged construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Low and high flow, manual and preset meters dispense from 5 to 14 gpm (18.9 to 53 lpm)
  • Variable flow control triggering controls the flow, plus a pressure-balanced valve reduces operator fatigue
  • New gear shape design improves accuracy in a wide range of flow rates and viscosities
  • Standard AA alkaline or AA lithium batteries for long battery life
  • Straight-thread O-ring boss nozzle extension gives you non-leaking performance, plus an automatic twist-lock nozzle eliminates dripping

SV Control Valve

The latest addition to Graco's family of high-flow dispense valves, the Graco SDV15 non-metered valve dispenses motor oil, transmission fluid and anti-freeze.

  • 1,500 psi (103 bar)
  • Dispenses motor oils, ATF, gear lube and anti-freeze
  • Sturdy cast body designed for use in tough environments
  • Lock-on trigger
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Multiple extensions available

XD Series Electronic Meters

Graco's dispense meters are engineered for professionals with quality materials that last. Each model has been vigorously tested to ensure the highest performance for your demanding applications, so you can be sure it will work when you need it.

  • Durable, sealed-electronic design ideal for dispensing petroleum- and synthetic-based oils in extreme environmental conditions
  • Screw-tight nozzle for positive shut off
  • Ball bearing swivel for ease of use
  • Reset capable for periodic dispense history information
  • 7-year warranty

 Mechancial Meters

 Graco offers a family of engineered meters, focused on delivering a long-life reliable solution. Each model is vigorously tested to ensure the highest peformance for your demanding applications. 

  • 8 gpm (30 lpm) maximum flow rate
  • Choose from preset or manual options
  • Balanced, lightweight, rugged construction with a comfort grip
  • Non-resettable totalizing register
  • Handles variety of petroleum and synthietic based oils and anit-freeze
  • Accurate dispense quantities
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use