SKF CircOil Systems

SKF CircOil Systems

In contrast to total loss lubrication systems, after the oil passes through the point requiring lubrication, it is fed back through the return line into the oil reservoir for reuse. In addition to lubricating, circulating-oil lubrication performs a range of other functions. It stabilizes the lubrication points to the proper temperature, removes and filters out wear particles from friction points, prevents corrosion damage, and removes water condensation.




Circulating oil lubrication systems can be classified as follows:

  • The lubricant delivered by a pump is split up by hydraulic resistors (orifice tubes, adjustable metering valve distributors, throttles)
  • Volumetric apportioning of the output by flow limiters or progressive feeders,
  • Volumetric apportioning of the output by multicircuit pumps, e.g. multicircuit gear pumps or multicircuit piston pumps with one pump each per lube point.

The actual feed rates can be controlled visually or electronically. Monitoring systems with individual warning levels are available for a more predictive maintenance approach.

SKF CircOil systems include a wide range of tailor-made and turnkey solutions for flow rates from 0,1 to 3000 l/min. Example: the SKF Streamline Pumping Unit with a tank capacity as high as 40000 litres, and innovative oil reservoirs such as the SKF Flowline Pumping Unit that helps reduce oil consumption dramatically.


Efficient cooling and lubrication
  Water and air separation
Integrated condition monitoring
Demand-based distribution of lubricant which can be monitored


  SKF CircOil systems are designed primarily for circulating oil lubrication to not only lubricate but also to cool highly stressed
  bearings in nearly every size of machine used in the pulp & paper sector and heavy industry.


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