Lincoln PowerLuber® Grease Gun

Lincoln PowerLuber® Grease Gun

PowerLuber® Battery and AC Aumatic Grease Guns

The PowerLuber® family of grease guns includes 18-, 14.4, and 12-volt Ni-Cad models; 18- and 20-volt Lithium-Ion models; a 120vAC model; and a fully automated, air-powered grease gun.

System description:

20-volt Lithium-Ion Model 1880

Lincoln has introduced its PowerLuber® series 1880 grease gun for multiple lubrication applications. Featuring a redesigned, high-torque powerhead driven by an efficient, 20-volt, lithium-ion battery, the two-speed motor delivers grease at up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) in both high- and low-output settings.

The rugged grease gun’s new three-point base keeps the tool upright and stable for easy handling without being bulky. This feature allows access to tight areas and reduces operator fatigue when lubricating simple-to-reach fittings.

18-volt Lithium-Ion Model 1860

The most advanced grease gun in its class, the 18-Volt PowerLuber features an LCD display that indicates grease dispensed, cartridge level, charge level and more.

Its 18-volt, high-amperage, lithium-ion battery provides superior run time, and its two-speed design delivers outstanding flow and pressure.

For operator convenience, the grease gun’s LED lights up fittings when under equipment or in shaded areas. The 18-Volt PowerLuber offers dual motor protection with its self-resetting thermocouple.

The grease gun features a 36-inch hose with spring guard for maximum accessibility and comes in a heavy-duty carrying case.

120-volt Corded Grease Gun

The first of its kind in the industry, the 120-volt corded PowerLuber’s motor provides the highest torque values in its class.

Its variable-speed trigger combines with a two-speed transmission for precise flow control. Ideal for filling grease reservoirs, the 120-volt grease gun is an excellent alternative to pneumatic lube tools.The 120-volt PowerLuber is unmatched in power, longevity, and performance.

18-Volt Model 1844

Developed for heavy-duty applications, the 18-volt PowerLuber features a high-output motor and battery technologies that unite to provide outstanding run time.

The grease gun delivers exceptional performance in high-pressure applications, and its two-speed transmission provides a high-volume grease flow option.

14.4-Volt Model 1444

Lincoln’s 14.4-Volt PowerLuber® gives you the power to lubricate just about anything, anytime, anywhere. It features a two-speed switch for high-pressure or high-volume delivery and a cycle indicator pin to monitor grease output.

A “Smart” charging system delivers reliable power while its ergonomic grip and balanced design provide optimal user control and comfort.

Other features include a hook for a shoulder strap, built-in hose and coupler holder, and compact carrying case.

12-Volt Model 1244

The original 12-volt PowerLuber® grease gun is powerful, generating up to 6000 psi of operating pressure.

The battery recharges in only one hour and lasts long enough to dispense as much as 3 tubes of grease.

It's perfect for hard to reach fittings and relieves worker fatigue while speeding up routine lubrication tasks.

Air-Powered Grease Gun

The PowerLuber® 1162 is the latest fully-automatic, air-powered grease gun offered by Lincoln. The same attention to performance of our manual grease guns but designed for continuous operation, powered by your shop's air supply.

The 1162 features a patented pump design that ensures uninterrupted grease flow, and its ergonomic styling provides comfort and balance. The 30-inch, high-pressure hose with coupler provides easy access to lube points.

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  • Fully automated, air powered grease gun which delivers a consistent flow
  • LCD display clearly indicates grease dispensed, cartridge level, charge level, and more (18v Li-Ion model only)
  • Lithium-ion battery provides superior run time (18v Li-Ion model only)
  • Two-speed motor delivers outstanding flow and pressure