Lincoln Control Valves and Meters

Lincoln Control Valves and Meters

Fluid handling Control Valves and Oil Meters in Electronic & Mechancial

Once you've chosen the pump and reel for your application, you'll want to select the perfect control valve or dispensing meter to complete your system.

System description:

Now that you've selected the right pump and reel, it's time to take control.

Control Valves

Lincoln's control valves are precisely machined with steel handles, bodies and guards for durability. Plus, you can get swivels, non-drip nozzles, extensions and other accessories to complete your petroleum products dispensing system exactly as needed. Models available for air and water control as well.

  • Grease Control Systems
  • Heavy Duty Fluid & Volume Control Valves
  • Fluid Lubricant Accessories
  • Air & Water Controls
Metering Control Valves


Ideal for dispensing motor oil, ATF and gear lube, these metered valves can be used to deliver pints, quarts, liters or gallons with precision. Dial controls or digital readout, the technology even offers preset options on some models.

  • Electronic Lube Meters


Inline/Volume Meters

These industrial strength hose reels are designed for applications that require high product flow and/or longer hose length. Models available to work with hose lengths up to 75'. Ideal for service trucks, transit facilities and large fleet shops. Fuel Reel Assemblies with super-duty reels in complete assemblies with hose and nozzle are also available.

  • Inline Lube Meters



  • Dispense pints, quarts, liters or gallons with precise control
  • A wide range of control valves available in order to complete your dispensing system exactly as needed
  • Models available for air and water as well as various lubricants