Fast Fill Receivers

Fast Fill Receivers

Receivers are completly compatabile with all major industry nozzles 


This patented Check Valve Receiver is a solution for any application. The receiver can be replaced without the inconvenience of draining the tank. Spray back is eliminated if the poppet gets stuck open from debris or poppet malfunction and fuel theft is minimized by making it harder to get the fuel out without the proper tools. With this Check Valve installed, any receiver issues will be minimized to less than 6 fluid ounces of fuel loss.


Fast Fill Systems fuel receivers are completely compatible with all major diesel fuel nozzle manufacturers. Our receivers are the best and most durable in the industry. Fast Fill systems has upgraded the industry standard material for poppets from plastic to aluminum, and aluminum to steel for the body to increase durability. Different shut-off pressure options are available.


The R150CVSW is the check valve installation socket wrench. It is required to install or remove Fast Fill System’s R150CV. To attach the R150CVR be sure to use the R150SW.


The R150CVEP is the evacuation port for Fast Fill System’s R150CV.

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