Lubrication Systems for Industrial Vehicles, Logistics and Transport

Lincoln offers customized lubrication systems for all mobile and stationary equipment. Find more information on our specific solutions for commercial vehicles - On-road and off-road, automated Oil refilling System for Motors - OLC, Stationary Rail Lubrication Systems for Rail Flanks and Rail Heads and Wheel Flange Lubrication - CRL101 for rails and wheels of cranes and other vehicles on rails.

On-road and off-road

OEMs around the world, shipping companies and fleet operators make use of our lubrication technology advantages that range from single point kits to fully automated lubrication systems. Drive Productivity!

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Automated Oil refilling System for Motors - OLC

For industrial vehicles - on-road and off-road - locomotives and ships. Also for stationary combustion motors that require frequent oil level control.