Lincoln Used Fluid Systems

Lincoln Used Fluid Systems

Used Fluid Handling Equipment

When you're draining oil or other fluids from vehicles and other machinery, you want to make sure you do the work efficiently and safely. Lincoln offers a full selection of drains, pressurized evacuation units, filter crushers and more.

System description:

Lincoln…the brand the pros demand for quality lubrication tools.

For over 100 years, Lincoln has been recognized as a leader in lubrication tools. Used Fluid Systems are no different, and Lincoln offers a complete line of performance proven products to increase productivity, savings, and environmental responsibility.

Choose the fluid handling equipment that fits you heads:

Traditional Drain

The traditional method for handling used fluids allows gravity to drain fluids from vehicle(s) into a portable or mobile fluid drain. These fluids are then gravity fed into a used fluid storage tank.

Drain & Evacuate

Instead of gravity draining fluids into a storage tank,fluids are evacuated from the fluid drain into the tank with a suction pump system.

Drain & Pressurize

This new concept in used fluid handling employs the benefits of the drain & evacuate system without an evacuation pump—the fluid drain is pressurized to evacuate the used fluid.


  • Standard Oil Drains
  • Truck Oil Drain Pans
  • Pressurized Evacuation Drains
  • Oil Drain Pans & Accessories
  • Suction Gun
  • Accessories
  • Installed Fluid Evacuation & Disposal Systems
Mityvac Fluid Evacuation Equipment 

These portable units are designed for convenient evacuation of fluids from virtually any type of reservoir or tank. With capacities ranging from 1.9 quarts (1.8 liters) up to 2.3 gallons (8.8 liters), they are perfect for draining coolants from machinery, or for use when changing fluids (oil, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, etc.) on motorized equipment.


  • Work efficiently and safely
  • Full selection of drains, pressurized evacuation units, filter crushers and more