Radio Spot on KMJ Radio, Fresno California on Jan 5, 2014


In 1959 when Dean Sigle told his boss in San Francisco that he was quitting to buy an industrial filter business in Fresno, his boss replied, "You’ll never make it." Looking back, Dean says, "That was the best motivation I ever had."


This is Al Smith for Murphy Bank. Congratulations to


Dean Industrial Enterprises – recipient of this month’s Spotlight on Small Business Award from Murphy Bank.


At the time, selling high tech oil and gas filters for huge industrial equipment was big business. But by the 70’s filters had become a commodity, so Dean began designing and fabricating lubrication service trucks. And business boomed. But by the late 80’s that market was covered and demand slowed. So Dean and sons Steve, Greg and Rich turned their focus to designing and installing high tech computer controlled lubrication systems. Business boomed again, but this time with no end in sight. As Dean says, "the key is to find the problem and then come up with a unique solution." Amen and congratulations to Dean Industrial.


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