Fast Fill Pressureless Systems

Fast Fill Pressureless Systems

Pressureless Systems are designed for use on vehicles which do not have fuel tanks capable of holding pressure


Precisely engineered to function on the largest tanks with only 4” operating space, the VLCE vent/level control system operates using 5” long, 1/2” NPT piping, allowing for compatibility with more than 80% of equipment used world wide. 5” length pipe can be extended by cutting and threading a 1/2” pipe to reach the desired shut off level. The VLCE includes extra 1/2” pipe that comes in 2” and 3” lengths and the necessary Loctite to secure your pipe. Other features include external and internal signal line ports, integrated roll over spill protection and the option for a standard 2” NPT.

PLA150-M SV:

The PLA150-M SV is the suggested inlet/shut-off valve for a Pressureless system. This inlet valve is designed to be attached to the tank, requiring a 2” NPT on the tank and 8-10 inches of space for installation. Minimum of 8-10” tank required for installation. 211 GPM max. Direct or remote mount application.


The PLA80-SVLC is an “all-in-one” drop-down tube that fits standard 2” NPT inlets. It eliminates the need for pressurized tanks or splash filling adapters, while simultaneously addressing the common problems of under/over filling multiple tanks in daisy-chain configurations. With the PLA80-SVLC installed, each tank will shutoff independently once the fuel level reaches 90-95% capacity. Automatic shutoff works with all standard fuel nozzles (up to 40 gpm) and with high flow fuel nozzles


6 bolt bellhousing replacement flange w/ external signal line


R Series crankcase receiver with male and female straight threads for O-ring boss bulkhead application


These self-contained units are designed to remotely mount the entire shut-off valve and receiver. Comes with one PLA150-M SV and R150CVRc-J


CAT flange with 2 piece receiver thread and external signal line

PLA150-M SV61E:

CAT 6-bolt flange shutoff valve with Code 61 hose mount flange and external signal line


2” NPT adaptor for plastic fuel tanks. Works well with CAT® plastic tanks and fits most CAT® splash fill caps


2” NPT adaptor is designed for plastic fuel tanks, providing the 2” NPT necessary for a Pressureless system.

PLA150-M EP:

Pressureless shut-off valve Evacuation Port.


2 Piece receiver for 70mm “Twist Lock” nozzle for pressureless application.

PLA150-M VF:

CAT 6-bolt vent flange.


2” NPT 6-bolt pattern receiver flange fits CAT® PT#221-5303.


Allows a fuel hose to connect to a remote location and attach the R150Sc-J, the remote mount Pressureless receiver. The AD150 connects to the female 2” NPT threads found on the PLA150-M SV.


Adaptor for the PLA150-M SV.

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