Many PMV oil pumps are installed in systems that are at high risk for excessive thermal expansion pressure. High risk systems have long supply lines that carry the oil through various temperature ranges. An example would be a system pumping 55°F oil from an underground tank through a room that may be 75°F at ground level but may be 90°F or higher across the ceiling runs.

Thermal expansion can easily generate 5000 PSI against the pump or other components that would normally see no more than 1000 PSI. The heart of the PMV pump was taken directly from Lincoln’s PowerMaster® III family of pumps. PowerMaster® have long been the choice for the most severe operating conditions. With this upgrade Lincoln has adapted the outlet check feature from the PowerMaster® pump line to prevent these excessive pressures from reaching the PMV pumps. The high flow ½” NPT check is easily installed between the pump outlet and the fluid hose.