Lincoln lubrication systems are designed for the most adverse environments. Many international manufacturers factory fit their machinery with Lincoln systems.

Standard Lubrication Systems

Quicklub® Progressive Systems

The renowned Quicklub® series are based on the reliable progressive principal. Click here for more information on Quicklub.  

SSV Progressive Metering Device

The perfect feature of the Quicklub® system is the single-block progressive metering device. Click here for more information on SSV.  

QLS 401 - The Compact Lubrication System

Now with stirring paddle for improved grease homogenization. Click here for more information on QLS 401.

Battery-driven Grease Gun

PowerLuber® 14.4V / 1700mAh - more information - click here to visit

Brochures for download

Lubrication Systems for Agricultural Machines

MOS/MOP 212-MGP 101 - mechanical dual lubrication system for oil and grease, for balers.