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Filtration Products

We carry filters including: Cim-Tek® and Ametek®.

A diesel engine driving a deep-well pump which runs continuously for weeks at a time. The engine
has been equipped with two sets of Fram Full-Flow Oil Filters and two Dahl Fuel Filters, manifold
so that either set can be changed without engine shutdown. An 'Oil Thief' feeding into the diesel fuel
system and a 'Keep Full' system allows for continuous lubricating oil renewal.

Filtration Products 
Filter cartridges down to 0.02 microns absolute for liquid and gas applications. Types include depth, pleated, membrane, bags, specialty cartridges and disposable capsules. Carbon filter cartridges, string wound filters, RO Systems.


Specialized diesel, gasoline and hydraulic fluid filters

HYDROSORB® is our patented technology for water and particulate removal. HYDROSORB® is a fiberglass medium impregnated with a super-absorbent and laminated to a resin-impregnated cellulose filter paper. Water is absorbed from hydrocarbons causing a pressure differential increase and/or reduction in flow rate preventing contaminated fuel.

Particulate removal from 2, 10 and 30 micron.

Microglass particulate removal, lasts 3 times longer than Particulate. Improved flow rate over Particulate at 10 micron.


Cim-Tek® Filtration caters to the filtration needs of the petroleum, agricultural, and hydraulic industries with a complete line of filters for diesel, gasoline, and hydraulic fluid. From a single spin-on filter for 500-gallon bulk tanks to banks of filters at service station pumps, Cim-Tek® filtration can meet your filtration demands. Complete bulk tank cleaning and sampling systems feature heavy-duty motors and housings with interchangeable filters to keep your fuel and hydraulic lines running smoothly without sludge build-up. For particulate and water removal,
Cim-Tek® Filtration offers your best choice of options.
Cim-Tek® has introduced a new line of filters for Bio-Fuels. Bio-Fuel is a very aggressive cleaning agent and requires special dispensing equipment to prevent damage to engines. Bio-Tek® combines all the state-of-the-art advances in fluid filtration.
You may download the brochure at:
Bio-Tek® Brochure

Diesel 300 GPM Fuel Transfer Module

Portable fuel transfer module for heavy construction to transfer diesel fuel at 300 GPM using a Honda 12.5 HP engine and Cim-Tek® filter elements.
Click Here for a Photo Gallery of this diesel transfer module.