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Dean Industrial Enterprises, Inc. (Est. 1959), is a family owned business, supplying goods and services to the Agricultural, Industrial, Petroleum,
Heavy Construction, Manufacturing and Food Processing industries...Read More

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Curt Denney

Curt Denney has been in this industry since 1978 with a full range of experience and been with Dean Industrial since August 2014.

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SKF/Lincoln Construction Partner

We specialize in system design, installation and service of automated lubrication systems.

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Water Wars

Steve Sigle from Dean Industrial was interviewed at the beginning in this video courtesy

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Oil Spray Systems

ORSCO manufactures advanced systems for the controlled delivery of oil for lubrication. Offering both standard and custom designs, ORSCO features unequaled precision for efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly lubrication without contaminating the products produced by our customers.

ORSCO's family of products provide for the continuous or intermittent lubrication for a wide range of applications including high-speed machine tool spindles and chain-driven conveyors. ORSCO's systems vary in complexity determined by the demands of the customer-specific requirements.

The Series 170 - our newest innovations in a pre-packaged system. Variations for OEM and end-user customers available.

The Series 200 - a customized automatic system for applications involving more than 16 points of lubrication.

The Series 300 - also custom designed, it has the most advanced controls system in the industry, providing as many points of "monitored" lubrication as required by the application.

Patented Nozzles - deliver minute quantities of lubricant precisely where needed.
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Series 170

The ORSCO philosophy is to deliver the least amount of fluid/lubricant required to satisfy each application -- we maximize the efficiency of the equipment and reduce the consumption of fluids by as much as 90 percent.

Reduced Consumption = Significant Cost Savings

This benefit is especially relevant when the application involves costly fluids that are unavoidable and necessary for special needs. Eliminating residual oil has the added benefit of improving the safety of the work environment.